Food shoot

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I had the great pleasure last week to be working alongside a selection of fantastic chefs from the care industry, all coming together to raise awareness for the nhs nutrition & hydration week 2014. Premier foods in St Albans were kind enough to allow us the use of their kitchens for the day as each chef set about creating a selection of mains and dessert dishes.

After a pretty easy drive down with Tim, my assistant for the day, we set about prepping the kit for the days shooting. I decided it would all be shot on the Nikon D800E with a Nikon 24-70mm @ 70mm tethered to my mac through lightroom, which was the first time i had tried tethering through lightroom as i normally use camera control pro, but with the time it takes for images to go through and appear in View nx i thought lightroom may be quicker!

For lighting I went with a very natural approach and just used 1 Bowens head with soft box & a heavy grade of trace between the source and the subject to create a very bright but soft light for nice smooth shadows.

My assistant was great at running around getting some behind the scenes shots in the kitchen and we took it in turns shoot some basic video for the client to use on their youtube page.

With around 20+ dishes to shoot through the day, plus uploading quick edits to Twitter, it was busy to say the least!

My love of shooting food though means that I would be happy doing this almost 24/7. I have put a handful of the images in my food gallery on here and look forward to next years N&H week.