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Building a solid reputation as a professional photographer in Milton Keynes is a slow process but, over the years of pushing forward and working for new clients and building relationships, it is starting to grow.

Why am I a photographer? Because, over the years, everyone kept telling me I was crazy not to do it for a living. So I listened.

I guess it goes back 25 years to the first time I held a camera. From that moment on, and every one since, looking through the lens of a camera has sparked my creativity and passion.

I, like many photographers, started at the beginning taking hundreds of photos using film and a run-of-the-mill SLR camera. When the digital age arrived, I invested everything I had in a digital camera, lighting, lenses and software, reading everything I could get my hands on.

However, having a good kit is just the start; owning a set of spanners doesn’t quite make you a mechanic. So, I sought the experience of a mentor who taught me the ropes in a professional studio in Milton Keynes. I took all the criticism on the chin, honed my skills and accelerated my learning rapidly.

As my knowledge grew, so did my ambition and before long I was spending every waking hour with my camera taking journalistic photos for the press, producing corporate shots and commercial prints for business, and building my portfolio with wedding photography and private portraits.

Today, my work as a professional photographer in MK, and my passion in life, has had me hanging out the back of tracking cars at Silverstone, shooting bands in graffiti strewn underpasses, working with film crews on shoots, cheering up distraught brides on rained out wedding days, jumping at a moments notice to take on last minute press assignments, spending hours perfecting the lighting for product and food shots and dealing with everyone from newborn babies to members of parliament, budding rock stars to celebrity chefs.

Why use me?

It’s not easy choosing a new photographer so I’ll do my best to help you make that decision.

Firstly, take a look at my portfolio. I’ve included a range of different styles so don’t worry if you don’t like all of them. My creativity is versatile which means that I produce what you want - not a fixed style that suits me.

You can have complete confidence that I will not let you down on the day. I have never failed to turn up to an event – even if it meant fighting traffic, colds and weather. And, when I do arrive, you can be sure that I will make people feel at ease in front of the camera. I won’t miss a detail, I’ll blend in quietly when you need me to and lift up the energy when required.

I’m a people person able to listen to, discuss and fulfill your brief. I’ve even tamed the latest software – the digital darkroom – where creation takes on a whole other level.